Air Force Falcons

Anaheim Ducks

Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Hawks

Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Ravens

Bowling Green State Falcons

Iowa Hawkeyes

Kansas Jayhawks

Lowell Riverhawks

Miami of Ohio Red Hawks

Oregon Ducks

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Penguins

Rice Owls

Seattle Seahawks

South Carolina Gamecocks

Southern Miss Golden Eagles

St. Louis Cardinals

Toronto Blue Jays

Youngstown State Penguins

National Bird Day

January 5th is National Bird Day. It’s a time to observe all the beautiful creatures that fly, swoop, and soar to incredible heights. The bald eagle is a symbol of our country, a bird that is tough, dignified, and powerful. Numerous teams in professional and college sports employ birds that become a big part of their identities. There are Cardinals, Orioles, and Blue Jays, the ones who fly South for spring training and migrate North for the season. We have seen Penguins, Pelicans, and Ravens emerge from the bird family, landing front and center in the sports world. This day is not about lions and tigers and bears, oh, my! It’s all about the birds and we salute all those who’ve found their way onto jerseys and into the hearts of millions of fans across the country.