Bill Buckner with his full and classic mustache

Broadway Joe Namath was always cool

Chicago Black Hawks coach Joel Quenneville’s had the mustache for more than 30 years

Clyde Frazier still has style

Coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs has a rather unique mustache

Dale Earnhardt with an intimidating mustache

Former Dodgers great Davey Lopes with old school mustache

Don’t say anything about the mustache of Dick Butkus if you know what’s good for you.

Former baseball star Sparky Lyle mustache has style

Former NBA coach and player Byron Scott

Former NFL punter Scott Player looking a lot like Craig Stadler

Former Oakland Raider Big Ben Davidson played with heart and a stylish mustache

Golf analyst David Feherty with his unique style

You can see the mustache of Gary McCord through the sand

Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt styling

Iron Mike Ditka with the cool mustache

Jeff Fisher of the Rams has gone from player to head coach with the same mustache

Keith Hernandez was known for his great defense and mustache

Marvin Harrison was a silky smooth hall of famer with a simple mustache

Patrick Ewing could play defense and sport a mustache

NHL tough guy George Parros wih a tough looking mustache

Olympic swimming legend Mark Spitz didn’t need to shave the mustache to go fast

Craig Stadler keeps his mustache neat and trim

Randy Johnson, the Big Unit, struck out more than 3,000 hitters with this mustache

Rollie Fingers with the most recognizable mustache in sports history

The captain, Thurman Munson with his trademark mustache

The Eck, Dennis Eckersley with the Hall of Fame mustache

The Goose, Rich Gossage, still wearing same intimidating mustache

The Hammer, Dave Schultz with one of the NHL’s all-time best mustaches

The King, Richard Petty with trademark hat and mustache

The late Dave Henderson with the fu manchu

The late, great Pat Burns with the meanacing look and ‘stache

The Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky, with the mad mustache

Valdleramma with the great hair and mustache

Wade Boggs wore a mustache during his Hall of Famer career

Wilt Chamberlain sported the ‘stache the night he scored 100 ponts.

Larry Czonka ran over people with that mustache


It’s November which means two things: Thanksgiving and mustaches. The traditional holiday happens on the last Thursday of the month and a lot of mustaches grow over the thirty days on the calendar. In short, it’s an important month to a lot of people, especially men. That’s why it’s been called “Movember”, raising awareness and money for testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health. In honor of “Movember”, we salute all the athletes and coaches who wore their mustaches with style over the years. Perhaps, none wearing it better than Rollie Fingers who sported his trademark handlebar mustache during his hall of fame career. According to Men’s Health magazine, the Movember Foundaton started in 2003 with 30 men and has grown to more than 5 million. That’s a lot of mustaches.