Alistair Brownlee crosses the finish line first in the triathlon world championships.

Alistair Brownlee celebrates with the fans as brother Jonny finishes second.

Alistair Brownlee is relieved after winning the triathlon at the world championships.

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee riding side-by-side in the bike portion of the triathlon.

Alistair Brownlee setting the pace in the runing discipline of the triathlon.

Jonny and Alistair Brownlee after finishing the triathlon.

Alistair Brownlee with his gold medal.

Alistair and Jonny Brownless finish 1-2 in the London Olympics.

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee finish 1-2 in the triathlon world championships.

Alistair, right, and Jonny Brownlee take a bite out of their medals in the Rio Olympics.

The Brownlees ride into the transition area together.

The Brownlee brothers representing Great Britain in the Rio Olympics.

The Brownlee brothers are familiar with the podiums.

Alistair Brownlee enjoying the thrill of victory.

Jonny Brownlee in the mile of the bicycle pack.

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee makng their move on the bike.

The Brownlee brothers come out of the water in good position.

The Brownlee brothers working hard as they get ready to head out to the run course.

The Brownlee brothers sprint out of the transition area together.

Jonny Brownlee in a zone of his own as he tries to complete the race.

Alistair Brownless celebrates another victory.

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee nearly passed out at the finish line.

Brownlee Brothers

When it comes to sportsmanship and brotherly love, few have come close to matching Jonny and Alistair Brownlee of Great Britain. The Brownlee brothers, who are world-class triathletes, defined teamwork and produced a signature moment that will follow them forever. In the final event of the eight-race World Triathlon Series in Cozomel, Mexico in September, Jonny was second in the standings and appeared to be on his way to victory and the overall championship. Then the heat began to take its toll. In the final kilometer of the 10K run, Jonny started to weave all over the course. South Africa Henri Schoeman passed him to win the race. Jonny stopped on the side of the road but his older brother Alistair, who was running in third place, put his arm around his brother and all but carried him to the finish line. Alistar an Olympic gold medalist, probably should've have received another one for his act of kindness. There was a protest against the Brownlees’ finish, but under triathlon rules assistance from other competitors is permitted. Jonny took second but finished four points behind Spain's Mario Mola for the overall championship. "If it happened to anyone I would have helped them across the line because it's an awful position to be in, " said Alistair Brownlee. "If he'd conked out before the finish line and there wasn't medical support it could have been really dangerous. he added. "It was a natural human reaction to my brother but for anyone I would have done the same thing. I think it's as close to death as you can be in sport." Alistair is the only person to win two gold medals in the Olympic triathlon. He finished first at the 2016 Rio games with Jonny taking silver.