USA Wins its 100th Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics

Shaun White's performance in the men's halfpipe finals on Tuesday night won the USA its 100th gold medal of the Winter Olympic games. Heading into Pyeonchang, the United States had earned a total of 96 gold medals since the start of the winter games. Team USA's snowboarders took that number to the milestone of 100.

Red Gerard, the youngest athlete of Team USA, started off the Olympics opening weekend with the country's first gold of the games in the men's slopestyle finals. Jamie Anderson followed, taking the gold in the women's slopestyle finals. Next came Chloe Kim, another one of the youngest athletes on the team, who brought in the gold at the women's halfpipe finals. Shaun White topped it off by dominating the halfpipe, earning him his 3rd Olympic gold, the 4th of the games, and the 100th in history for the country. These two 17-year-olds and two Olympic vets have started off this year's games strong for the USA, and all came together to accomplish reaching America's 100th all-time gold.

The United States won its first Winter Olympic gold medal in 1924, when Charley Jewtraw was awarded the first gold of the games in the 500 meter speed skate. As this years games continue in South Korea, the USA athletes are hopeful for more gold to add to the tally. Norway currently holds the most Winter Olympic gold medals of all-time - at 121.

Follow the link below for the full list of the United State's 100 gold medals in the winter games: