The True Sportsmanship of Jalen Hurts

The True Sportsmanship Of Jalen Hurts

Class. Respect. Dignity. Honor.

Jalen Hurts exemplified all those traits in Monday night's national championship game between Alabama and Georgia. The Crimson Tide quarterback who entered the game with a 25-2 record as the starter, was benched in favor of true freshman Tua Tagovailoa to begin the second half.

Tagovailoa, a Hawaiian native who was offered a scholarship only after Jake Fromm decommitted and signed on with Georgia, led Alabama on a furious comeback that culminated with a 26-23 overtime victory.

Said Hurts about Coach Nick Saban pulling him at halftime. "It was an executive decision and a good one."

After Tagovailoa tossed the game-winning 41-yard strike to Devonta Smith, Hurts was one of the first players to congratulate his freshman teammate.

"As a team player, you have to do what's best for the team," Hurts said. "It was important for me to be true to myself and be the team leader I have always been. Don't change because of a little adversity. Be true. Be true to it."