Stephen Wood set out to benefit youth hockey players

Stephen Wood Committed to Youth Hockey

Stephen Wood had dreams of playing in the NHL. Wood was a defenseman at Providence College then went on to play in the AHL for several years. Unsuccessful in his bid of making it to the NHL, Wood is set on making a difference in the world of youth hockey.

Wood recently launched a new hockey program called, “Beyond the Ice”. "Beyond the Ice" is an eight-week program for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 18.

The focal point of the program is participating in an online, virtual classroom. Although, on-ice sessions are important, Wood wants to focus attention on the mental approach to hockey. Wood believes this will benefit the children greatly and separate his program from others. He says, “it’s more important for me for a kid to grow his character through the game of hockey.”

Wood may not have not made it to the NHL, however, he is hoping to spread the message one does not have to be a superstar to make a difference.