Fitzgerald Triplets

Seeing Triple At Bemidji State

Three is better than one, or at least that’s what the hockey coaches at Bemidji State University in Minnesota were thinking. The hockey juggernaut recruited and signed Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald several years ago, fulfilling their dream of playing together in college. While in junior hockey, the Fitzgerald’s played together on a prolific line and were so highly-coveted, they were traded twice as a package deal---yep, all three of them were included in the same transaction. The 23-year-old triplets, who are now juniors, have combined for 15 goals for the 20th-ranked Beavers (16-9-3 overall), who seek their first N.C.A.A. tournament berth since 2010. According to NCAA records, there is only one other set of triplets that played on the same college team: Brian, Craig, and Glenn Seabury of the University of Massachusetts Lowell from 1989-90. Bemidji State captain, Charlie O’Connor, described them as “three fireballs on the ice at once, kind of like three Tasmanian devils.” The Fitzgeralds are certainly used to the all the attention and fanfare. As children, they starred in the movie, “Baby Geniuses” with Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd. After getting a small taste of Hollywood, the triplets focused on trying to star in hockey instead. For more on the Fitzgerald triplets, please check out