Sean Doolittle

Providing Relief For Others

When it comes to giving back and helping others, Sean Doolittle of the Oakland A’s has gone above and beyond many others in the world of sports. In November of 2015, the veteran reliever and his fiancé sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner for 17 Syrian refugee families in Chicago. “We just felt it was a way we could welcome them to America, to let them know there are people who are glad they’re here,” Doolittle told The Los Angeles Times. “Never in a million years did we think that, a year and a half later, this would still be a hot-button issue.” Doolittle also works with many organizations and foundations including, Operation Finally Home, which builds houses for wounded vets and their families, and Swords to Plowshares, which provides employment and training, housing and legal assistance to about 3,000 veterans in the Bay Area each year. The left-handed pitcher who was twice nominated for the Branch Rickey Award, which recognizes players for exceptional community service, says he doesn’t want his work with refugees to be the only thing people talk about. “I hope people don’t think our work with refugees is at all a zero-sum game,” Doolittle said. “Most of our work is with Veterans organizations.” For more on Sean Doolittle, please visit