Hockey Is For Everyone

NHL Celebrates Inclusivity

In an effort to make hockey a more inclusive sport for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or socioeconomic status, the National Hockey League started a campaign, “Hockey Is For Everyone.” The league also recently partnered their campaign with the You Can Play Project, an organization that aims to make sports more inclusive for members of the LGBTQ community. According to their website, You Can Play’s mission is “dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. You Can Play works to guarantee that athletes are given a fair opportunity to compete, judged by other athletes and fans alike, and only by what they contribute to the sport or their team’s success.”

The NHL is using the initiative to make an impact within the LGBTQ community by recently participating in multiple Pride parades over the past few months. NHL players have also been participating in the campaign in order to bring awareness to each of their individual cities. The League has also designated one player from each of the 31 NHL teams to be a Hockey is For Everyone ambassador to do outreach and be the face of the campaign for their respective teams.

This past season each team had a Hockey is For Everyone game where the players wore warm-up jerseys in which their team’s crest was emblazoned with the Pride flag. The players also prepared their sticks with rainbow tape to show support for the cause. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement, “Our Clubs, our players and our fans are committed to welcoming everyone to hockey.” Click here for more information regarding the initiative.