Ed Whitlock

Marathon Masters Man Dies

When it came to running long-distances for a long time, few could come close to catching Ed Whitlock. The retired mining engineer was a Masters running champion who just kept going and going and going. During his 70’s, Whitlock broke three hours in a marathon. Last fall, at the age of 85, Whitlock became the older person to break four hours for the 26.2 mile race. Whitlock was born in Europe but grew up in Milton, Ontario. According to numerous media outlets, he trained by running for three hours or more around a local cemetery. Whitlock never had a coach or followed a special diet. The only time he stretched was on the morning of his races. Whitlock died on March 13 after a battle with prostate cancer. He was 86-years-old. For more on the life and running career of Ed Whitlock, please visit the article below. http://www.runnersworld.com/masters/the-ageless-mystery-of-ed-whitlock