John Martin

Love And Support Of John Martin

Boston will always be a part of me. When I was set to begin a job working for the Red Sox over-the-air station in 1997, my late father said, "Paul, you are going to a world-class city. There are few places in the country like Boston. Enjoy it." As usual, my father was correct. I worked in Boston for two years before accepting a job with Fox Sports Net in Atlanta. Four years later, I moved back to Beantown in 2004 to work for NESN, the goliath of regional networks which is now owned by the Red Sox and Bruins. Besides being a world-class city and the best sports one in the country, I found New Englanders to be passionate, smart, and pretty darn tough. Oh, sure, they often get mocked on 'SNL' for their accents, loyalty to the Red Sox, Tom Brady, and Bobby Orr, but if they like you, they will stand behind you. If they love you, they will not only give you the David Ortiz jersey off their backs, but they will pretty much drop everything, especially if you are experiencing tough times. John Martin is loved. He was a great videographer for NESN, following the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics during one of the most incredibly wicked (Boston term) successful runs the sports world has ever seen. We worked together for two years and shared many laughs and a lot of great times. As good as Martin was as a videographer, he is a far better person. He is loved by everyone in the tight-knit media community and is as solid as the 150-year-old oak trees that line property in nearby Brookline. When the unfathomable news broke several weeks ago that Martin was diagnosed with ALS, the entire region rallied around Martin. A GoFundMe page was set up by his friends which saw donations come in fast and furiously, going over the $80,000 mark in less than two weeks. It seemed like everyone who lived in Boston or had ties to the professional sports teams there, was stepping up for John Martin, a husband and father to a pair of beautiful young girls. John Farrell, the Red Sox manager, made a very generous donation, sending in $1,000. Mike Hazen, the former Sox GM now holding the same title with Arizona, also contributed $1,000, as did longtime sportswriter, Ron Borges. Former Bruin Johnny Boychuk, who is great friends with Martin, also made a sizeable donation. As I looked down the list of contributors, many of whom I had known when I worked there, I was amazed by the support and felt good in knowing that Boston is taking care of one of its own. It was truly heartwarming and renewed my faith there are still many people with great character in this world. There were also donations coming in from people who wanted to remain anonymous, chipping in with $5, $10, and $20. This was after Christmas season where many people racked up a lot of credit card debt in a time when money is tight. It's a beautiful thing to see. However, we cannot stop with the support. John Martin and his family are facing some tough times ahead. That is incredibly sad. He, his wife, Adrienne, and two children are really an amazing family. They need our continued love and support. They deserve it. Please help in the fight against ALS. $5 may seem like a little, but a lot of five dollar bills can go a long way in his battle. Please continue to help out John Martin. Please donate to his fund,