Alan Hampson Dodgers fan

Having A Ball With Dodgers History

Nearly four months ago, Charlie Culberson hit one of the most dramatic regular-season home runs in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The second-baseman belted a walk-off shot against the Colorado Rockies to clinch the division title while sending legendary broadcaster Vin Scully off into retirement in style. During the off-season, Culberson and many of the Dodgers wondered what happened to the ball that sailed into the left-field bleachers. Just as in the case with Kirk Gibson’s earth-shattering home run in the 1988 World Series, nobody knew who recovered the baseball. That changed recently when Allan Hampson, a retired 20-year Navy veteran, was identified as the owner of the coveted baseball. When he pounced on the ball in the stands back on September 25, nobody from the organization approached him about the baseball. Hampson told the Los Angeles Times he waited more than an hour for someone to ask him for the ball but it never happened. He just figured everyone got caught up with the celebration of the division title. “Not many people have the opportunity to have that kind of memento to pass down to their children, having that family heirloom would be significant,’’ Hampson said. “But the ball that clinched the division and sent Vin Scully off in the right way, I know that’s really important to the Dodgers.’’ Hampson said he isn’t sure yet if he’s going to keep the ball or give it back to the Dodgers. For more on this story, please check out