Falcons Stadium

Feast In The Falcons Nest

The Atlanta Falcons open their new stadium in July and it will have a bit of everything including a full 100-yards of food and beverage stands. That’s right, 100-yards of hot dogs, hamburgers, barbeque, and just about everything else you see on stadium menus across the country. The football field of food will have the exact same hash marks, numbers, and lights that line the real field inside the $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Best of all, the food and beverages will come at a great price. There will be 12 ounce domestic beers for $5, $2 non-alcoholic beverages with unlimited free refills, $2 Dasani bottled water, hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn; and $3 peanuts, pizza, nachos and waffle fries. Now, that’s a great deal. For more on the Atlanta Falcons new stadium, please visit http://www.ajc.com/sports/football/photos-features-falcons-new-stadium/En9jFANsuASrUV8itbgZuN/