Evan Gattis

Evan Gattis: Custodian to Champion

Less than a decade ago, if you had told Houston Astros catcher Evan Gattis that he would be a World Series champion, he would have never believed you. The catcher has struggled with anxiety and substance abuse in his past, however he never let it define him. Through support from family, friends, and teammates, he worked his way back into the big leagues and accomplished the dream every young baseball player dreams of – a World Series championship.

After his tumultuous past, the up and down World Series was something Gattis could handle, with the Astros winning game seven 5-1. Growing up in Texas, Gattis was at one time a top high school baseball prospect, he eventually committed to Texas A&M but never got a chance to step onto the diamond because of his struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

After losing this scholarship, he worked as a parking valet and janitor in Dallas, worked at a ski resort in Colorado and ended up in New York City, begging for money and food. After all of his bouncing around, he ended up getting into a car and heading to California in order to improve himself. The California sunshine helped Gattis become his old self again, and he decided to give baseball another try, and ended up playing for the University of Texas – Permian Basin. He proved himself both on and off the field during his time there, eventually getting drafted by the Atlanta Braves, getting traded to the Astros, and the rest is history.

Just seconds before the clock struck midnight on November 1st, Gattis became a champion. Through the triumph of the human spirit, he rediscovered the sport he loved and worked his way back from the bottom to the top of the world, no matter how many curveballs were thrown at him.