Flag Football

Drew Brees Advocates for the Safety and Fun of Flag Football

Drew Brees is helping bring the game to football to more youth than ever. In 2017, he recently launched a flag football league, Football N America, in Louisiana, the state he has made his home during his time with the New Orleans Saints. He coaches two teams within the league, one for each of his sons, Bowen who is seven and Baylen who is eight. Drew Brees also got his start in flag football, a much safer option to traditional tackle football. It gives the children in the league to try different positions.

  In flag football, the players are outfitted with a belt that has two Velcro-clad flags on either side. If a player of the opposite team tears off the player’s flag, that player is down, as opposed to being tackled. Brees began playing football in the flag football format before starting tackle football in high school. He told the Wall Street Journal, “I went to a small school. Flag is all they offered.”

  When Brees started the league, he thought back on his football past and how much of an impact flag football had on him. It was the starting point for everything, and was where he learned the fundamentals of football. He wants to build flag football to be similar to Little League and its magnitude. He also fears for the future of football, due to its high risk of injury and the impact of multiple concussions. So, by giving this option to parents, they are given an opportunity to play football without such grueling injuries affecting a small child.

  There has been a 10% growth in the amount of players playing flag football. Drew Brees’s league has been benefitting from this growth, originally starting the league in Louisiana, but now has youth leagues in Nashville, Tennessee and Carmel Valley, CA.

  Brees continued that flag football is making the game more fun, because everyone gets an opportunity to play with the ball. The players switch positions often, and do not get stuck in positions based on body type like in tackle. This option gives kids the opportunity to find what they enjoy and what they are good at. The atmosphere at the games is also much more relaxed as opposed to other youth sports. They play music at the games and parents socialize respectfully with one another, watching their kids have fun.

  This league, which is growing rapidly, is helping change the face of football for today’s youth, and making it more accessible, fun, and safe.

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