Carson Wentz

Die-Hard Eagles Fan FaceTimes Wentz

On Tuesday afternoon, Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith shared a heartwarming post to Twitter. Smith had been at a local school when he met a passionate Eagles fan. After talking with the young fan, he soon found out his favorite player is Carson Wentz. Smith then called up Carson Wentz using FaceTime, and made the kids day. The student was overcome with joy to have the opportunity to talk to his favorite Eagles player. As shared in the video, you can see the overwhelming emotion triggered just from one simple call. Its great to see passionate players give back to fans, even in the simplest ways. The simplest charismatic acts like this go a long way and make a huge impact. Its great to see heroic figures like Smith and Wentz make such a positive impact on fans, and bond over the shared love for a sports team. Check out the video: