Curtis Granderson Enjoys Work Off the Field Just As Much As On It

Curtis Granderson has enjoyed a lengthy and successful 14-year MLB career. As a three-time All-star and a major contributor in the 2015 season that helped the New York Mets make it to the World Series, there is no doubt Granderson has been impressive on the field. What’s crazy is that is work off the field may be even more extraordinary.

10 years ago, Granderson started the Grand Kids Foundation, which focuses on making sure kids have a meal to eat each and every day. In November, the Foundation hosts its annual month long food insecurity program, which draws in about 10,000 kids at the Curtis Granderson Stadium.

“We started this in Detroit, here we are 10 years later getting a chance to celebrate a lot of different things we’ve done. Helping kids get introduced to the game of baseball, feeding kids, getting kids active and emphasizing the importance of education,” Granderson said.

He knows how important it is for young kids to have a good influence and because of his efforts, he is known as one of the few players to win the “triple crown” of community service baseball awards: 2017 Roberto Clemente award, the Lou Gehrig Award and the Marvin Miller Man of the Year award.

Although his career may be coming to an end soon, there is no doubt that what he has done for the game won’t be forgotten.