Craig Cunningham's All Heart Foundation

Craig Cunningham Continues to Inspire With His New Foundation

Craig Cunningham, a former professional hockey player for the Boston Bruins and the American Hockey League’s Tuscon Roadrunners suffered from sudden cardiac arrest back in 2016 during a hockey game. He is now taking the experiences and challenges he has gone through and is using them to improve the lives of others. Cunningham recently launched his foundation, The Craig Cunningham All Heart Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to prevent sudden cardiac arrest by allocating funds to the research of heart conditions, and monitoring athletes to see if they are also at risk.

Cunningham is known as a true leader, with many different hockey players and other athletes looking up to him. After his cardiac arrest, many members of his physical family, and his hockey family, stood watch, waiting for news on his condition. Due to the innovation and bravery of cutting edge cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Zain Khalpey, Craig was able to survive and he fought back for his life, using the same fighting spirit that always inspired his teammates.

After battling with his rehab and recovering, Cunningham lost one of his legs, and fought back to get onto the ice. Though he is no longer playing professional hockey, he was offered a position as a professional scout with the Arizona Coyotes. This position gives him the opportunity to remain involved in the sport he loves and to continue touching lives with his brave and inspirational spirit.

Some of the projects All Heart is involved with is screening people for heart risks using fingerstick blood tests, pairing it with EKG testing, smartwatch date, static EKG testing and echocardiographic information. By testing athletes with this screening, they will know if they are at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, and can take steps to try and prevent it. The foundation is also helping to develop an app called RhythmCor, which will track the user’s heart rates to see if there is any irregularity that could predict dangers that could cause sudden cardiac death. Finally, another important project that Cunningham and his foundation are working on is a program in collaboration with Verizon Wireless and Zipline that will deliver medications and AEDs to underserved individuals.

 To learn more about Craig Cunningham’s foundation, to donate, or see how you can get involved click here.