Brittany Miller Boston University

College Hockey Trailblazers

They are trailblazers making a name for themselves in a sport that plays hard and fast. Brittany Miller and Theresa Feaster are the first women to be full-time members of an N.C.A.A. Division I hockey coaching staff. Both accepted positions in the fall at their alma maters, Miller at Boston University and Feaster at Providence College. “I’m just on the staff and come to work every day and work hard,” Feaster told The New York Times recently. “That’s all there is to it. It’s not really something that crosses my mind.” Feaster is the coordinator of hockey operations at Providence College while Miller is director of hockey operations at BU. According to Boston University officials, Miller’s in charge of the team’s travel plans, records statistics, and oversees the players’ academic schedules and workload. “They trust me to do a good job, and they know that I can do this job just as good, if not better than any guy,” Milled said to The New York Times. For more on Theresa Feaster, please check out For more on Brittany Miller, please check out