Chloe Kim Wins Gold

Chloe Kim – A Role Model

On day three of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Chloe Kim won gold for team USA in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding final. Kim was too young to compete at the Olympics four years ago despite being one of the world’s best at the time. While Team USA was in Sochi, Kim was already called “The future of snowboarding”. During her final run, Kim scored an amazing 98.75. She is only 17-years-old and is taking the sport by storm.

Despite from her greatness in snowboarding she likes to consider herself to be a normal teenager from California. Kim’s parents emigrated from South Korea where they still have family. Kim was born and raised in California. Her father started to teach her how to snowboard when she was just four-years-old. She caught on right away.

Kim is trilingual. She speaks English, French and Korean. She spoke about how it’s really special for her to be able to compete in her first Olympics in South Korea. She feels as if she is able to represent both America and South Korea together. Kim told Cosmopolitan that she wants to eventually attend Harvard for business or law and become a sports agent.

She has dreams and goals just like any 17-year-old girl. Just like any teenager, she takes to Twitter to let her followers know how “hangry” she is, even if she is about to compete in the Olympics. Chloe Kim is truly a role model for young girls everywhere.

To watch Chloe’s impressive performance, click here.