Victor Wanyama

Wanyama Gets Honored Abroad

Athletes all over the world give back to their communities in one way or another whether it be through volunteer work, charitable donations, or simply just being a professional and mentoring others. Victor Wanyama, star defensive midfielder for the Tottenham Spurs, has gone above and beyond throughout his career to give back and for that, his country of Tanzania thanked him.

After spending time in a nearby African country vacationing, the 25-year-old returned home where he was welcomed with open arms. Wanyama was named the most influential sporting personality in his Kenyan home and had a street in Dar es Salaam leading to the Kinesi Stadium named after him in his honor. When he shown up to officially open the street, he was mobbed by fans that thanked him for everything he has done for the community. The gentle-hearted Wanyama went on to say, “Thank you for the Major and all the Ubongo Municipal residents for welcoming me and giving my name to a local road name.”

It just goes to show how much athletes mean to their communities and how even the smallest forms of appreciation can go a long way. Wanyama conclude by saying, “I promise to come back with thanks for the hospitality you have shown be. Thank you Tanzania.”