2017 U.S. Open Cup

A Cinderella Story: Christos F.C.

A Maryland pub league soccer team will face the Major League Soccer franchise, D.C. United in the U.S. Open Cup tonight, our nation’s oldest soccer tournament. The U.S. Open Cup started with 99 teams from different leagues, and Christos is the last amateur team to remain in the tournament.

The team is made up of players ranging in age from 23-30. They all have full time jobs and get together to play on the weekends. Among the players on the team, there is a data analyst, a statistician for the Baltimore Ravens, a plumber, an accountant, an X-ray technician, and many sports coaches. Co-coach Larry Sancomb is a mechanical engineer. This group of misfit athletes will take on the professionals in a well deserved underdog game tonight in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

Christos co-coach Sancomb told ABC: “This is like the Orioles playing some men’s baseball or little rec. softball team that had just said ‘Hey, let’s put it together and let’s go see if we can advance against these best players.’ That’s what we’ve done...” The game will be available to stream tonight at 7:30 pm EST on D.C.United.com